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Help and support services for...

  • Older Adults

    Ages 65 and over Help at home, getting about, staying healthy, staying safe and more..

  • Working age adults

    Ages 25 to 64 Living well, staying healthy, work and education, getting out and about and more..

  • Young adults

    Ages 18 to 25 Living well, work and education, staying healthy, staying safe and more..

  • Parents and families

    All age groups Childcare, things for children to do, parenting support, family planning and more..

  • Carer health and wellbeing check

    Devon Carers: 08445 123456 For an assessment to help identify your support needs as well as the person your are caring for, contact Devon Carers who will guide your through the process

  • Carer's rights

    Download the Carer's Rights Guide Upfront is a dynamic onlike information tool, find it at
    Being Heard is a guide to getting your requirements or opnions heard, find out more at

Education, work and leisure

NHS Services

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Do you look after someone else?

Find support services that are available for those who regularly care for another person in Devon Find support for carers

Personal assistants

Search for personal assistants in your area or create an account to advertise for a specific position or requirement Start your search

Using the search form

Enter your keyword(s) – what are keywords and how to use them

Keywords can be any words you think will describe the service you are looking for. Type one or more keywords into the keyword search field to find the service you are after, for example:

  • residential homes
  • toddler group

Ways to make a keyword search more accurate

Search all results
Type in one or more keywords to see every service which contains any of those words, for example:

Search specific words
Type a plus sign (+) before each relevant word to see only services which contain that word, for example:


Search specific phrases
Type double quotes (” “) around a phrase to see only services which contain that exact phrase, for example:


Selecting a service category

All services have been grouped into a number of categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. By selecting one of the categories in the ‘A service category’ dropdown field in the search form, you will be able to limit the results that are returned to the most relevant services.

Adding a town or postcode

When using the search form you can also add a town, postcode or part postcode to limit the returned search results to services that cover your specified area, for example:

  • Ilfracombe
  • EX8 …

Filtering your results

Category filter options

Once you have submitted your search, you may be presented with some further sub-category options on the left hand side. By selecting one of these, your serach result will be limited to services within that sub-category. Please note that you cannot select more than one category or sub-category at a time.

Refine your search results options

The refine your search results options allow you to limit your search results to one or more of the options listed in the left hand side.

The refine options are broken down into:

  • Age range – use these filters for services that offer support to a specific age range
  • Services supporting people with – use these filters for services that offer support for a specific condition or impairment
  • Further criteria – Some additional general filters
  • Areas served – This is to check if a service offers support in your or a specified area
  • Postal locations – A more focussed filter option for your chosen location

Guidance topics